English is the language of the media industry

English is a widely-used language in the media industry, particularly in the fields of film, television, and journalism. Many media organizations use English as their primary language for producing and distributing content, and it is also the language of choice for many international media events, such as film festivals and awards shows. Additionally, English is commonly used as a second or third language in the media industry, as it is spoken by a large number of people around the world and is often considered a lingua franca. This can make it easier for media professionals from different countries to communicate with one another and collaborate on projects. It is often used as a lingua franca in the media industry, allowing people from different linguistic backgrounds to communicate with each other. In addition, English is widely spoken and understood around the world, making it a useful language for international communication. However, it is not the only language used in the media industry, as media companies and organizations in different parts of the world may produce content in other languages as well.