Oral and written forms of speech.

Oral speech refers to communication through spoken words, while written speech refers to communication through the written or printed word. Both oral and written forms of speech serve important purposes in communication and have their own unique characteristics.

Oral speech is immediate and can convey emotion and tone through inflection and other vocal cues. It is also a flexible form of communication, as it can be spontaneous and allow for back-and-forth conversation. However, it is not as permanent as written speech, as it is not recorded or easily preserved.

Written speech, on the other hand, is a more permanent form of communication. It can be recorded and preserved for future reference, and it allows for more careful and precise wording. However, it does not convey vocal cues such as tone and inflection, and it does not allow for immediate back-and-forth conversation.

Both oral and written forms of speech have their own strengths and can be used effectively in different situations.