What to say before and after a meal in English

Eating a meal is a social occasion that is often accompanied by conversation and polite exchanges. In English-speaking countries, there are several phrases that are commonly used before and after a meal to show good manners and to express gratitude.

Before the meal:

  • “Bon app├ętit!” This is a French phrase that means “good appetite” and is used to wish someone a enjoyable meal.
  • “Let’s dig in!” This is a casual way of inviting people to start eating.
  • “Would you like to say grace?” This is a way of asking if someone would like to say a prayer before the meal.
  • “Can I serve you some [food]?” This is a polite way of offering to serve food to someone.

After the meal:

  • “That was delicious!” This is a way of expressing appreciation for the meal.
  • “Thank you for the wonderful meal.” This is a formal way of thanking the person who prepared the meal.
  • “I couldn’t eat another bite.” This is a way of saying that you are full and can’t eat any more food.
  • “May I help with the dishes?” This is a way of offering to help clean up after the meal.

In addition to these phrases, it is also important to show good table manners during a meal. This includes using utensils appropriately, keeping your elbows off the table, and not talking with your mouth full. By using these phrases and exhibiting good manners, you can make any meal a more enjoyable and respectful experience for everyone involved.