Explain why linguistics is humanity.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure, including the sounds, words, and grammar used in communication. It is a field that encompasses a wide range of subfields, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and sociolinguistics.

Linguistics is important because it helps us to better understand how language works and how it is used by people around the world. It also helps us to better understand the nature of communication and how it shapes our thoughts, behaviors, and relationships with others.

In this sense, linguistics is an essential part of humanity because language is an essential part of what makes us human. Language is a fundamental aspect of our culture and identity, and it plays a crucial role in how we interact with one another and understand the world around us.

By studying linguistics, we can learn more about the diversity of languages and the ways in which they have evolved over time. We can also learn about the ways in which language is used to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and how it shapes our social interactions and relationships.

In short, linguistics is an important field of study that helps us to better understand ourselves and the world around us, making it an integral part of humanity.